Oil Painting (Landscape), Palette Knife Painting  

July 29 - August 2

Key Ideas

  • Learn to sculpt a portrait on a metal base

  • Learn how to create an image with just a palette knife 

Why is it important?​

OIL PAINTING (Landscape)

  • Each painting in its process is unique. 

  • Students will learn the technique of oil panting on canvas. Oil paint is different from other types of paints. It dries slowly, and allows the students to blend and soften the lines and make it more realistic.

  • Students will learn the formal techniques of oil painting such as values, colors, texture, and working with oil painting medium 



  • The students will learn how to use a palette knife and how to apply thick texture of paint on canvas. 

  • This course allows students to experiment with creating a painting without the traditional brush, which will develop creativity, problem solving, and skill