Oil Painting (Portrait), Clay Sculpture (Portrait)

July 22 - July 26

Key Ideas


  • Oil Painting (Portrait)

  • Create portrait reliefs with clay

Why is it important?


  • Portrait painting involves proportion. Proportion is important whether an artwork's style is realistic or abstract.

  • Realistic painting is especially effective in training the eye to see the thing-as-it-is in its relational proportions.

  • The real benefit to the student during the portrait painting process is the creative act itself, which engages different parts of the brain and body.

  • Our classes are a detailed study in light and shadows.



  • Clay is one medium that promotes creativity. It is especially beneficial to young people – it helps promote self-confidence, encourages self-expression and develops problem-solving skills. 

  • Creating 3-D versions of portraits will help the students' development in their drawing by practicing proportions and understanding the facial forms