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Printmaking (etching)


Abstract Painting


July 10 - July 14

Printmaking (etching)

  • Printmaking is the form and process of applying a work of art to another surface. Printmaking can be done on paper, but can also be done on fabric, plastic or other materials. 

  • Printmaking is important because of its unique techniques. 

  • Students will be introduced to printmaking style called etching. They will learn the process of creating an image on plexiglass and then printing it on paper. 


Abstract Painting

  • Abstract Painting gives the student room to explore certain color schemes to create nonuniform and nonrepresentational images

  • Stimulates creativity and decision making


(All supples are included​)

Please pack snack and lunch. (no nuts containing food please)

Seats are limited, Please RSVP.

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