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What we are doing for safety measures 


1.  Teachers and Students are encouraged to wear mask.


2.  Students and teachers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering to school,

and hand sanitizer will be available at the school at all times.


3.  Cre8sart will have extra masks in case students or the teachers forget to bring one with them.


4.  Students' work station will be sanitized regularly.


Cre8sArt School was founded by Mher (Max) and Syuzanna Khachatryan in 2012. Our school's success is the result of the determination of Mher Khachatryan, a talented artist, and Syuzanna Khachatryan, a specialist in Digital Marketing. Unimpressed by the traditional approach to teaching art, Mher and Syuzanna opened Cre8sArt School in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

In 2019, with our talented teachers we have opened our second location in Hoboken NJ, and in 2022 January we are also in Glen Rock NJ.

We welcome you in any of our locations to learn and Cre8. 

 Art connects people. Our mission is to educate and inspire students through art to reach their fullest potential as creators and artists. We want our students to gain knowledge of how art brings people together, and how it connects us with our nature.

Learning to create and appreciate visual art may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up. So, we try to make the most of the critical early learning years by inspiring a lifelong love of creating in a safe and caring environment. 

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