Anatomy Drawing, Charcoal Drawing


  August 19 - August 23

Key Ideas

  • Learn to draw anatomy of human body

  • Learn to create an image with charcoal 

Why is it important?​


  • Understanding anatomy is crucial to many aspects of your art.

  • We see humans every day. We live with human bodies every second of our lives. But who actually knows their own body? There is so much to the human anatomy. 

  • Features in this course include basics of proportions and how to simplify the skeleton.

  • The students will learn how the various muscles change when the body is in different poses, as well as where fat builds up and the different body types we have as humans. This is a great introduction to understanding anatomy and how it applies to the art.​

  • All drawing involves proportion. Proportion is important whether an artwork's style is realistic or abstract.

  • Realistic drawing is especially effective in training the eye to see the thing-as-it-is in its relational proportions.



  • Students will learn how to create an image with a different medium than the traditional pencil.

  • Students will learn various charcoal techniques and develop their ability to create tones, values, and shading with charcoal