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Glass Painting, Picasso, Clay

  July 12 - July 16

Half Day (9:00am-12:30pm)

Half Day (12:30pm-3:00pm)

Full Day (9:00am-3:00pm)

Key Ideas


  • Glass Painting

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Clay

Why is it important?

  • We will teach our students to paint on the glass. Painting on a new material helps children to develop their decision-making skills. They need to plan ahead as they choose which color should be used for different parts of the painting.

  • Glass painting will also help the students learn sizes, shapes, patterns and designs.

  • We will teach our students about Pablo Picasso, his art and Cubism.

  • The students will learn how to observe and translate their thoughts into language, and listen and respond to multiple perspectives through Pablo Picasso's works.

  • Clay stimulates the child's curiosity, encourages experimentation, and allows them to create 3-dimesional sculptures.

(All supples are included​)

Please pack snack and lunch. (no nuts containing food please)

Seats are limited, Please RSVP.