Drawing, Collage, Monet, Clay 

  June 24 - Jun 28

Key Ideas

  • Drawing

  • Collage

  • Clay

  • Learning about Claude Monet and his work

  • Painting in the style of Monet

  • Introducing Impressionism

Why is it important?

  • This course will give students broad understanding of art and art history.

  • Our classes are a detailed study in light and shadows.

  • Collage nurtures student's natural desire to explore the world through their sense of touch. It also allows a certain level of flexibility.

  • Clay stimulates the child's curiosity, and encourages more experimentation.

  • Monet's art is a great way to teach kids about art, and how art is a very personal thing.

  • Through Monet's art we will teach our students to see beauty in all aspects of nature - the water, the flowers, the sky, the snow and the trees.

  • Students will learn to see these images in their mind's eye and capture them in their paintings.