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One-Month Package

Adult Intensive Art Class

$250 Monthly

(once a week)


$450 Monthly

(twice a week)

$640 monthly


(thrice a week)

Key Ideas

  • Master your drawing skills by exploring extensive techniques using pencil, charcoal, ink, and pastel.

  • Instructors provide one-on-one instruction and in-depth demonstrations

  • Master drawing techniques such as lines, tones, lines, texture, and perspective

  • Classes are led by professional artists in a small group setting

What is Intensive Art?​

This drawing course offers artists flexibility and a depth of drawing materials. Students in this course will have the opportunity to work in the subject matter of their choice – from portraiture and landscapes to abstract and experimental subjects.

Three-Month Package

($660/3 months)

Six-Month Package

($1250/6 months)

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